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Kerry Stokes’ muscle ushers in reign of Basil Zempilas as Perth lord mayor
It is a photo as remarkable to outsiders as it is unsurprising to those familiar with Perths cosy media landscape.

Basil Zempilas elected as new City of Perth Lord Mayor after years of commissioner-led council
Radio and TV host Basil Zempilas is chosen as the new Lord Mayor of Perth, in the first election in more than two years since the former council was stood down by the State Government.

Basil Zempilas says despite new Perth Lord Mayor title he’ll ‘always be Baz’
Channel 7 media personality Basil Zempilas may be Perth’s new Lord Mayor but he’s declared: “I’ll always be Baz”.

Newly elected Perth mayor and Channel Seven star Basil Zempilas doubles down on his radical plan to 'forcibly remove' homeless people from the CBD
Basil Zempalis will on Monday afternoon be sworn in as Peth's newly elected Mayor and has singled out a radical plan for a 'safer, cleaner, friendlier city' as a top priority.

Gareth Parker: Basil Zempilas is the best man for the job but the real test lies ahead
Five months before declaring he would run for lord mayor, I told readers that yes, Basil’s public flirtations with the gig were serious. He did the hard work campaigning now the real test lies ahead.

Basil Zempilas leaving 6PR because he can't be 'all things to all people'
After straddling Perth's rival camps for the past six years, media personality Basil Zempilas will leave his 6PR breakfast host position in November after a directive from Seven West Media.

Channel Seven star Basil Zempilas becomes mayor of Perth - after vowing to 'forcibly remove' homeless people out of the city 'if that's what it takes'
Former Weekend Sunrise star and sports presenter Basil Zempilas took home the win after securing 29.4 per cent of the vote on Saturday night.

Former Sunrise star, Basil Zempilas, elected Lord Mayor of Perth
Just one year after he quit his role as Weekend Sunrise host, Basil Zempilas has gone down a very different career route.

6PR’s Basil Zempilas elected Lord Mayor of Perth
Basil Zempilas said he had an advantage being on 6PR and Channel 7 during his mayoral campaign, but would not apologise for exploiting it.

Seven star Basil Zempilas off Nine-owned radio
In a move that could readily be filed under “only in Australia” WA presenter Basil Zempilas has been instructed by Seven West Media to finish up at Nine-owned 6PR radio. Zempilas, who is currently in ...

Basil Zempilas defeats Di Bain to become Perth Lord Mayor
The Seven West Media commentator won 29 per cent of the vote on Saturday night, defeating rival and former ABC journalist Di Bain by 284 votes in a nail-biting contest.

TV star Basil Zempilas’ new role running his city as lord mayor
Sevens AFL caller and Olympics broadcaster Basil Zempilas is Perths new lord mayor, the first elected head of the City of Perth since the McGowan Labor government stood down the entire council two and ...