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Spider-Man 3 Fanart Imagines Felicity Jones' Return as Black Cat
While there are a lot of details still unknown about Marvel's Spider-Man 3, it has already become one of the most highly-anticipated films on the Marvel Cinematic Universe's upcom ...

George Clooney shows off toned arms in California chic polo short in Beverly Hills
He has been a showbiz sex symbol for decades. And 59-year-old George Clooney showed off his toned arms when he was glimpsed emerging from lockdown in Beverly Hills this week.

Celebrity Birthdays: Oct. 17
Here are some of the notable people celebrating birthdays today, including Eminem, Felicity Jones, Mae Jemison, Michael McKean, Sharon Leal, Ziggy Marley and more.

Shailene Woodley: How much is The Fault in our Stars actress worth in 2020?
Shailene Diann Woodley is a very well known American actress, film producer, and activist. She initiated her career as a model at the age of four.

The Theory of Everything
Because his theories are about life, time, space, and the universe as a whole, it’s perhaps no surprise that a film about his life would be titled The Theory of Everything. Starring Eddie Redmayne, ...

George Clooney Almost Starred In 'The Notebook' Over Ryan Gosling
George Clooney has revealed that he nearly scored the male lead, instead of Ryan Gosling. The 2004 film tells the story of young lovers, Noah and Allie, in the '40s via flashbacks by their older ...

George Clooney Says He Almost Starred in 'The Notebook' with Paul Newman
"We just wanted to do it because we wanted to work together, [but] it ended up being not the right thing for us to do," George Clooney said ...

Star Wars: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Jyn Erso
Star Wars has introduced fans to a whole range of characters, but Rogue One brought in one of the most complex to universe. Jyn Erso was the lead of this war film and has also bee ...

Why Maxim de Winter from Netflix's Rebecca looks so familiar
Netflix’s latest thriller boasts a pretty star-studded cast, and you’ll definitely recognize one of its two talented leads. Here’s where you’ve seen Armie Hammer from Netflix’s Rebecca before.

George Clooney says he almost starred in 'The Notebook'
It sounds like The Notebook could have been much different! George Clooney says he nearly starred in the film and wanted to play the now-iconic role that ended up going to Ryan Gosling more than 15 ...

George Clooney nearly starred in The Notebook over Ryan Gosling
The Notebook is one of the world's favourite romantic films, but it could have looked very different. George Clooney has revealed that he nearly starred alongside Rachel McAdams, instead of Ryan ...