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Sports Came Back in 2020. Now Comes the Hard Part.
Aggressive coronavirus testing made the restart of professional sports possible, but the financial pain of empty arenas lingers and plans for next year are up in the air.

(Watch)) World Series 2020 Live: MLB 2020 Sports Updates & TV Channel
Uk Sports TV NEWS HD PC Coverage. WatCh World Series Live 2020 have enjoyed the comforts of home their last two games, but now they must head out on the road. World Series Live face off in a Sun Belt ...

(G_TV) Browns vs Bengals LivE: TV Sports NFL 2020 4K Channel
Bogura TV Pass NEWS Game. WatCh Browns vs Bengals Live have enjoyed the comforts of home their last two games, but now they must head out on the road. Browns vs Bengals Live face off in a Sun Belt ...

Freehold looks to make up ground in NJ sports betting race
Slow out of the gate as New Jersey sprinted ahead in the nascent U.S. sports betting market, Freehold Raceway is hoping to catch up to the pack as the latest entity in the state to offer it. The ...

After making a comeback during the pandemic, pro sports face a tough second act.
March, as the pandemic forced extensive lockdowns throughout the United States, professional sports came to a halt, with the very real possibility that no champions would be crowned in basketball, ...

SPORTS AGENDA: Cornelius Lysaght uses his whip on BBC boss after controversial departure in April
Former Labour MP Purnell was widely viewed as responsible for the culling of quality, experienced journalists as part of the broadcaster's drive to target a youth audience.

The AI Lords Of Sports: How The SportsTech Is Changing Business World
Next time you watch a sports game, consider that virtually every component of it has been digitized with emerging technology. Even more incredible, sports have become the pioneers in analytics and AI ...

Living Room Sports: Former Cowboys QB Quincy Carter
Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Quincy Carter joins Living Room Sports this week to talk about his career, going through rehab and his ongoing recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Winter sports athletes are crisscrossing Europe for races. Is that a good idea?
With coronavirus infection rates rising significantly, this may not be the best time to begin a series of competitions that require moving hundreds of people across Europe during the next few months.

Amber Heard sports a flannel blouse and goes make-up free as she hikes in LA with her beloved pup
She has been going out on hikes and horseback riding to help pass the time as she waits for the next hearing in her ongoing legal battle with ex-husband Johnny Depp.

Sports culture is becoming hostile to casual fans, and maybe that’s why the ratings are so bad
The poor TV ratings for what has been an exciting World Series so far are just the latest evidence of a troubling trend in pandemic-era sports ...

Sports stars show political power can be built in the paint as well as at the polls
On each side of the Atlantic, a sports star is venturing outside the lines to leverage his fame and wealth for social justice.