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Tiffany Trump mocked for ‘Trump Pride’ speech, touting father’s record on LGBTQ rights
President Trump’s second daughter found herself a top trending topic — and for not good reasons — as she was widely ridiculed for an awkwardly exuberant speech saying her father ...

Tiffany Trump Speaks at LGBTQ Event for Her Dad as Critics Pounce on His Record: 'Makes My Skin Crawl'
Tiffany Trump was back on the campaign trail this week defending what she called President Donald Trump 's support for the LGBTQ community — and plenty of people had plenty to say in response. "I am ...

Tiffany Trump makes rare campaign appearance for Pride event
Tiffany Trump, one of President Trump’s five children, is making waves on the internet for her first solo appearance as a campaign surrogate. Trump, 27, appeared at a Trump Pride event in ...

Tiffany Trump’s Ridiculous Election Campaign Hits Its ‘LGBQIA’ Nadir
Tiffany Trump lied and gaslit through a “TrumpPride” speech, claiming her father was pro-“LGBQIA,” when in fact his administration’s homophobia and transphobia has been relentless.

Playful video shows Tiffany Trump dancing with Richard Grenell at a campaign fundraiser
Richard Grenell, 54, took to Instagram to share a video of himself dancing with Tiffany, 27, at a private fundraiser held in Newport Beach, California, on Sunday.

Tiffany Trump campaigns at Trump Pride event: 'I know what my father believes in'
Tiffany Trump hit the campaign trail in Florida this weekend to stump for her father at a "Trump Pride" event.

Tiffany Trump says her father 'has always supported' LGBTQ people
"Prior to politics, he supported gays, lesbians, the LGBQIA+ community," she said of the president at a Trump Pride event in Florida.

What Tiffany Trump Said At Pride Event For Her Dad's Reelection
"I have friends of mine who reach out and they say how could you support your father, we know your best friends are gay," the youngest Trump daughter said at the Florida event.

Tiffany Trump promises a ‘cure for AIDS’ and misspells LGBT+ in chaotic Trump Pride rally appearance
Tiffany Trump is being mocked for a chaotic speech to a sparsely-attended Trump Pride rally in which she promised a "cure for AIDS".

LGBTQ Advocates Shred Tiffany Trump's Speech At 'Trump Pride' Event
President Donald Trump's youngest daughter overlooked her father's anti-LGBTQ record while urging queer voters in Florida to support him this weekend.

Everything awful about Tiffany Trump's awkward and very bad Pride speech
Fresh off celebrating her 27th birthday with a maskless party in Miami, Tiffany Trump hosted a "Trump Pride" event in Tampa, Florida, last Saturday. She arrived at the event, blowing kisses and ... Criticizes Tiffany Trump For Walking Out to ‘I Gotta Feeling’ at Trump LGBTQ Rally
Many artists, including Elton John, Rihanna, Neil Young and others, have let President Donald Trump know that they don’t want their music being used at his campaign rallies. But for, the ...